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Are you all set for your business travel to Germany? Even if you’ve been to the country before for personal travel, there are a few tips and tricks worth knowing to make your next work visit as hassle free as possible. Read on for our top tips to navigate your business trip like a local…

Sunday customs

If you’re travelling to Germany on a Sunday, perhaps to get an early start on a meeting Monday morning, you should know that a lot of amenities will be shut. Supermarkets, shops and pharmacies are among the many businesses that will be closed, however, many cafes and restaurants will still be open for you to visit. So don’t be surprised if your surroundings are a lot quieter than usual!

Be on time

It’s considered very rude to be late to a meeting in Germany and arriving 5 to 10 minutes early is the norm. Make sure you leave extra time to travel to your meeting just in case you’re held up! After all, a first impression is priceless…

Respect the rules

City dwellers in the UK might be used to cutting across roads when there is no pedestrian light to save time, but this is a big no in Germany. It’s actually illegal to cross German pedestrian crossings when the red pedestrian light is on. If you’re caught doing this you might be fined. In extreme cases you can even be charged for all costs if there is an accident – so it’s not worth taking the risk!

Travelling by rail

If you’ve navigated your way to the local train station and have dutifully bought your train ticket – well done! But don’t forget to validate your ticket before you set off. It’s an easy mistake to make, but unvalidated tickets incur a fine from inspectors or you might have to purchase a brand new ticket. To validate your ticket, look out for a little machine called the “Entwerter” at the station.

We hope your next trip is easier with these top tips for business travel to Germany!

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