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Usually, our [QUICK WIN] series features short, straight-forward actions that you can take to improve your organisation’s travel management strategy, but when one of our team discovered an unexpected quick win hiding within our booking tool’s traveller tracking feature we couldn’t not share it with you.

When someone here at Click (naming no names and pointing no fingers) managed to leave their mobile phone in the first class lounge at Euston station earlier this week, the traveller tracking feature in Click Travel, Click’s online travel management tool, came to the rescue.

A quick search revealed that another member of the Click team was actually on route to London and so they were set the mission of stopping off at the first class lounge and securing the rogue phone. We’re pleased to say: mission accomplished.

Of course, the importance of traveller tracking extends far beyond being able to reunite your travellers with missing phones; it’s an important duty of care feature that allows you to instantly discover who in your organisation is travelling and where they’ll be. In the event of a closed airport or a major incident in a big city, you can immediately find out whether any of your travellers are affected and reach out to them straight away, providing peace of mind for both those travelling and those back at home.

However, it’s nice to know it’s there for the smaller dramas in life too. A quick search + a quick reunion = a quick win.

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