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Short, sweet and straight to the point, we’re drilling down into what bleisure means when it comes to business travel – in just 51 seconds…

What exactly is bleisure?

Bleisure is a portmanteau of business and leisure. Corporate travel can sometimes be a source of stress for travellers for several reasons; time away from family, booking approvals and the fatigue that occurs with long trips. Bleisure, a rising trend in corporate travel, addresses these concerns. These trips generally include an extra 1-2 days for sightseeing and leisure time. As well as improving attitudes toward corporate travel, these trips can improve employee attitudes toward work in general.

Tips for a successful bleisure trip

Is it your first time mixing business and leisure in a corporate travel setting? These tips can help you make the most of it…

Use Saturdays and Sundays for leisure time

If you’re booking, for example, a four day trip, schedule your meetings for Friday or Monday. The business world doesn’t typically operate on weekends, so this leaves your Saturdays and Sundays free for leisure.

Understand your corporate travel policy

Understanding your company travel policy is essential to planning a bleisure itinerary. Are travel, accommodation and meals included? Ensure your travel policy is crystal clear before booking to avoid the disappointment of unapproved travel expenses.

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