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What does gamification mean when referring to corporate travel?

Short, sweet and straight to the point, we’re drilling down into what the term gamification means in the business travel industry – in just 50 seconds…

How does gamification effect travel habits?

In both a consumer and corporate context, travel booking is becoming more rewards-oriented. Today’s corporate travellers are accustomed to shopping flights and hotels online. With travel industry sites offering apparent rewards incentives, some travellers opt to book outside of the company travel policy. But these savings that these lone travellers make aren’t always as they appear. There are often unique discounts or  deals that are only available through agencies. Booking without that insider knowledge make it difficult to find the best value. But there are methods employers can use to win travellers over to the company policy.

How can gamification enhance corporate travel?

In the business travel world, gamification means rewards as incentives for following company travel policies. It uses games and competitions to help instil the habit of working within the travel policy guidelines. For example, travellers often have game ‘quests’ to complete. In return, participants can get leader-board recognition, and perhaps even prizes. The payoff is that travellers are loyal to company policy, and won’t look for rewards incentives elsewhere.

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