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Watch our handy video to find out the four key benefits of using a travel management company if you’re working within the public sector.

4 benefits of using a travel management company (TMC)

Are you looking to make your business travel policy more efficient, cost-effective with higher compliance? Here are 4 key benefits to using a travel management company.

1. Centralisation

In this digital age, a central booking platform is the future of corporate travel. A good TMC can provide you with a one-stop shop for booking all of your business travel. As a result, you get a more streamlined, efficient booking experience:

  • A simpler booking process
  • Flexibility to manage your arrangements
  • Consolidate all your travel payments

2. Wider Choice

A good TCM has the expertise and insider knowledge to bring you the highest number of the best available choices for your accommodation and travel needs. Unlike travel agencies, TMCs are often privy to exclusive deals for corporate travel. Therefore, using a TCM provides you with a wider range of high quality booking options.

3. 24/7 Offline Support

TMCs provide you with constant support. A knowledgeable and friendly consultant is only a phone call away should you need any guidance in the event of an incident. They can help you take appropriate action and make alternative arrangements.

4. Management information & reporting

TMCs take the time to manage and analyse your travel data to identify ways to make your business travel simpler and cheaper. For example, if you frequently return to the same destination, there may be ways to improve the efficiency of your travel. Their reporting can help to drive positive change in your policy and end user compliance.

If you’d like to find out how to use expert insider knowledge to select the perfect TMC for your organisation, download our totally free comprehensive guide below:

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