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  1. To finish off this week, Holiday Inn’s Small Business Travel Study found that whilst travel is a must for a thriving business, smaller companies often take longer to plan their trips without the help of a self booking tool with all their travel needs in one place. Well, we could have told you that too. Hint, hint,Click Travelis an online booking tool.
  2. Hotel bookings are predicted to soar as domestic bookings increase from the aftermath of the Brexit results, potentially leaving business travellers with limited options compared to previous years.
  3. Finally, the latest international viral craze, Pokemon Go helps travellers explore business travel destinations with Pokestops at interest points and local restaurants.

Are you a business traveller who’s already taking advantage of the game on your travels? Or maybe you’re already experiencing the shortage of hotels available for your business travel bookings? Comment below and don’t forget to follow us on our Twitter @TravelCloudHQ and Linkedin.

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