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We’re anticipating that one of the biggest travel trends of 2020 will be the increase of bleisure, with more and more business travel for conferences and conventions now being turned into bleisure a trip.

Good news for business travellers – as we enter the new year, business travel policies are set to take a ‘people first’ approach. In the past, the enjoyment of business travel could be stymied by thrifty travel policies and strict itineraries. But, as we enter the new decade, it seems that all that is about to change. This could mean an increase in business travel, time off to see family and more opportunities for bleisure.

Even though it is becoming more and more common, you may be asking yourself what is bleisure? Fortunately, we’ve put together a simple breakdown of this popular business travel trend.

So, what exactly is bleisure?

As you may have figured out, bleisure is portmanteau of ‘business’ and ‘leisure’ and encompasses the idea of allowing time for relaxing while on a business trip. This could involve a time allowance to see the sights, visit family and friends or just relax in a café.

How can bleisure benefit your company?

More and more organisations are starting to roll out bleisure as part of their business travel policy. This has had huge benefits to employee satisfaction and it’s really great for boosting traveller morale.
Promoting a healthy work-life balance is going to be a huge business travel trend in 2020. When it comes to the benefit bleisure offers your company, allowing your staff to take time out to enjoy the local sights can be huge for increasing productivity.

Boost efficiency and encourage productivity with bleisure travel

Very frequent business travel can lead to employee burnout. Allowing 1-2 days for the traveller to rest and unwind at the end of a business trip can leave them relaxed and ready to get back to work. After all, a team that is always busy and on the go won’t be able to work as efficiently as a well-rested team!

Want to be prepared for 2020 business travel trends?

If you’d like to learn more about how to incorporate bleisure into your business travel policy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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