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Booking the right hotel is perhaps the most important decision to make when booking your business travel, and it’s definitely the most personal choice to make! The right hotel can feel like a home away from home. You want something comfortable, connected and easy to get to. A place where you can get on with your work whilst still enjoying a well earned rest.

So, how do you find the right hotel for your business travellers?

Location is everything

The last thing your business traveller wants when they arrive at their destination is more travel. Trying to ride-share, catch trains, or book taxis to make meetings and conferences on time is a recipe for employee burnout. Paying more for a hotel in a good location could save more on transport fares in the long run. That’s why location is everything when it comes to finding the right hotel for your business travel. It goes without saying that you also want to avoid hotels in unsafe areas to ensure a duty of care to your employees.

Pay attention to business travel reviews

The star hotel rating system is useful for an idea of the reputation of a hotel, but as hotels are becoming more diverse in their offerings, that system is becoming more obsolete. The best way to gauge if a hotel is a good choice for your business travel is to read reviews from other business travellers, who probably have a similar criteria to you. Word-of-mouth could also be useful here. If you’re still unsure after reading reviews, ask your colleagues for their recommendations.

Do the hotel’s amenities guarantee convenience for your business travellers?

Business travel in 2020 is all about making the most of the experience. It’s important to stay happy and healthy when you’re travelling for business, so it’s a good idea to choose a hotel with an on-site gym and healthy, tasty dining options. If you are likely to be staying in your hotel room working through dinner, make sure the hotel offers room service so that you don’t miss out.

Free, unlimited WiFi is a necessity – not a luxury

A hotel can have an amazing location, a decked-out gym, and luxury trappings, but if it doesn’t offer good WiFi, it’s just not worth it! Business travellers today need to be constantly plugged in. The last thing you want is to feel out of the loop or unable to finish your work on time thanks to dodgy internet or extortionate data roaming charges. When you’re choosing a hotel, a reliable, high speed WiFi connection is non-negotiable.

Do you have preferred hotels with negotiated rates?

These are good guidelines for booking a hotel for your next business trip, but you may find a lot of hotels that tick these boxes. Our platform offers live availability to choose from with over 2 million hotels, so there’s a good chance that you’ll be spoilt for choice. If you have preferred hotels with negotiated rates, your travellers can book those through our platform easily and quickly.

So there you have it! Booking a hotel for business travel in 2020 will be a breeze.

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