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IATA, (the International Air Transport Association), have introduced a brand new tool to help join up airlines and travel management companies such as Click Travel. The new system, aptly called “Matchmaker” puts more information in the hands of sellers and aggregators.

Not sure what aggregators and sellers are? We caught up with PET Flights Team Leader Tim Knight to find out what it all means…

Why is NDC so important for companies like Click Travel?

The acronym NDC stands for New Distribution Capability. It was created by IATA to improve the way airline content (or air fares) are distributed. NDC allows airlines to sell their fares directly to consumers through TMCs that have technology to aggregate this content. It transforms the way air products are retailed to business travellers and often means that they see large savings in the price of their air travel.

So what is Matchmaker?

Matchmaker is essentially a way to match companies to airlines and their NDC offerings.

What can it do?

Matchmaker aims to provide easier communication between “sellers”, (such as Click Travel), airlines and NDC-content aggregators, such as Farelogix. The overarching goal of the tool is to support IATA’s NDC framework and provide better content to business travellers and reduced overhead costs for TMCs.

Why is it an exciting invention?

At the moment, Click Travel is the only seller listed on Matchmaker! We’re excited to be at the front line of this new development.

What does this mean for business travellers?

More and more businesses are becoming aware of NDC and the savings that it can bring to their corporate business travel. In the future, we’re expecting to see more businesses looking out for TMCs that can offer connections to airlines that they regularly use.

Some of the main benefits include:

  • Increased fare pricing bands; airlines can offer smaller fare changes as demand and supply changes. This means that a customer using a TMC with an NDC connection is more likely to get a cheaper fare.
  • No GDS Fee; airlines don’t have to pay a fee to the GDS in order to lodge their fares, meaning this saving can be passed on to the customer.
  • Direct connection between sellers and airlines; it’s easier for sellers and airlines to work together and offer business travellers a better online experience that is similar to booking directly through the airlines website, with the benefits of booking through a TMC.
  • Better retailing: Packages offered through NDC might be the same price as through a GDS, but the Airlines are able to add free onboard wifi, larger baggage allowances more easily than on the traditional system.
  • NDC brings better retailing – not just cheaper retailing!

Will NDC make searching for and booking business travel more complicated?

No! We aggregate NDC and GDS results into one search result in our platform, so you’re always presented with the cheapest flights and fares. We handle the complexity behind the scenes, so a business traveller won’t know whether they’re booking NDC content or not.

What can we expect in the future?

In the immediate future, it’ll put us at the forefront of technology development. In the longer term, we’ll be able to form connections to even more airlines and provide greater NDC content to our customers.

Thanks Tim!

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