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So. It’s happened. Britain is leaving the European Union.

Quick disclaimer – this isn’t going to contain one single opinion on the referendum decision. Not because we don’t have one, but more because all there has been over the weekend has been opinion; opinion on the news, opinion in the paper and opinion on social media. Everybody has their view on the result, but we want to focus on what it means for your organisation’s future costs.

But, whatever your view, one thing is for certain… everything seems very uncertain right now.

Economic uncertainty and business travel

We seem to be entering choppy waters economically and over the next few weeks organisations across the country will no doubt be bolstering and bracing, ready to hit a few waves. Many will, understandably, be looking to tighten their belts and make savings ready to provide a little insurance should a storm hit; one area of an organisation that is often quite swollen with potential for cost-cutting is business travel.

Business travel is a necessity for many organisations and to simply cut travel is often unrealistic and potentially damaging. No matter what, people still have to travel. That said, there are practical ways to reduce your travel spend – we at Click Travel know this only too well, as we discovered them all during the 2008 recession!

Organising corporate travel during a recession

It was actually during the last downturn that Click Travel grew at our fastest rate and this is in no small part due to the fact that we were able to provide clients with reductions on their travel spend, whether it was by helping clients to identify trends in their travel using our online reporting tool and then negotiating cheaper corporate travel rates in their most frequently visited locations; working with organisations to truly understand how they travel and to then advise them on how they could make this more cost effective (for example, encouraging them to favour fixed time rail tickets over anytime rail tickets) or simply by assisting them in crafting a tighter, more controlled travel policy that would in turn prevent costly, out-of-policy travel bookings.

Travel management savings from the Business Travel Awards’ Best Travel Management Company

There are of course many ways to reduce your travel spend and what works for you really does come down to the culture of your organisation. Whatever your cost-cutting goals for the coming months and years are, we’re here to help and we’re looking forward to realising savings for all of our clients, new or longstanding, and being a rock of stability in a tempestuous sea of change.

If you’re a client of ours already then rest assured; you’re in safe hands. We’ve weathered storms like this before and we have the awards to prove it – we’ve won Business Travel Awards’ Best Travel Management Company and TTG’s Business Travel Agency of the Year for our work with our clients in the last year.

If you’re not a client then make sure you subscribe to our travel management blog, as we will be publishing plenty of advice on how to tighten your travel belts in a realistic and practical way, and you can always get in touch to find out more information.

Stay tuned – we’re in for an interesting few months…

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