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For most of us, our email inbox is the closest we’ll ever come to seeing a black hole in action.

Vital emails vanish into the floating galaxy of the Internet and no matter how far back you scroll, no matter how accurately you search for the sender or the subject, they’re nowhere to be found.

Annoying when you need to find that email address to CC into a reply, even more annoying when you’re trying to coax out emails that confirm the details for an upcoming business trip, and if you’re the person who finds themselves organising the business travel of your colleagues, you might feel like searching back through three days worth of emails is one of your most time consuming tasks.

Things only get more complicated after a trip, when you’re trying to collect invoices to submit for expenses claims…

So, what’s the solution?

Well, the first step is to find a booking platform that allows you to book all of your business travel in one place, as this will not only reduce the amount of emails that you receive, but also speeds up the whole booking process in general.

And in the interest of streamlining your research process, you could start by looking right here.

Firstly, we will still send you confirmation emails, don’t worry, but you’ll be able to access your travel bookings from your Click Travel account across any device, so there’s no need to go rooting through your inbox.

Because you don’t have to sign up to multiple booking websites or book directly with the airline, hotel or train supplier, you can avoid masses of sales emails in the aftermath! So you’ll receive the exact emails that you need; confirmation and invoice. If you’re the main booker, you can also get a summary of your bookings emailed to you as well.

Talking of aftermath, sorting out budgets for projects or departments can be made much easier with the use of customised cost codes. Each booking can be assigned to the correct place during booking, rather than manually digging through emails and adding up spending later on.

So that’s it; just two services to look out for when you’re deciding which booking sites to use and which are the best fit for your organisation.

Our platform makes big steps towards de-cluttering your inbox; it allows you to book everything in one place, whether that’s your flights, hotels or train tickets, meaning that you only ever receive minimal emails and if you can’t find something, you can send it to yourself again.

You can start using Click Travel to simplify your business travel straight away, simply sign up for free or get in touch and we’ll help you get started.

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Alice Tew