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User roles

Assign different roles to different users in order to set permissions.

User roles help you define exactly who can make additions and changes to your company’s travel arrangements.

This role provides the highest level of access. In addition to booking for any employee, this role allows users to access all reservations; track travellers; create/update/remove profiles and have additional access to areas such as Report Centre.

Allows users to view and make reservations for themselves and for other people (this can be a specified group of people only, if required).

Allows self bookers to view and make reservations for themselves.

Allows travellers to have ‘look but no book’ access, allowing them to research their itineraries, place their requirements into a basket and then share with a travel booker in order for them to confirm the booking on their behalf.

Corporate rates

Corporate rates

Access cheaper fares by adding your hotel corporate rates to our platform.

We can seamlessly integrate your preferred/corporate rates so that they are displayed alongside all of the other hotel content we provide and these preferred rates will be highlighted in green, using our traffic light system so that it is clear to the user that the rate listed is a preferred rate.

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