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Traveller safety shouldn’t come at a premium. By protecting and caring for your travellers at no extra charge, ClickCare seamlessly supports your risk management and duty of care requirements.

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Take ClickCare of all your travellers

Before you book
Before you travel
While you travel

Before you book

Set travel restrictions – by criteria

Personalise travel restrictions to match your own rules, for example by age or any custom attribute, using anonymous lists.

Set travel restrictions – by destination

Blacklisting anywhere you see fit, by country or city. For example, COVID-19 hotspots.

Control travel bookings to all or some destinations

Our infinitely flexible approval flow enables you to require approval in advance to control bookings to certain destinations.

Pre-travel advice

Know it’s safe to travel with quick links to our trusted sources for the latest country-by-country travel advice, restrictions or requirements.

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Before you book
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Before you book

Dynamically react to changing global circumstances

Add or remove your own controls as advice changes. Or we can do it for you – with just 30 mins warning of a hotspot, we can implement it.

Minimise leakage, minimise risk

To keep travellers safe, you need them booking through your chosen platform. We guarantee 90%+ adoption, and average 97%.

NEW! – Filter by Covid-19 secure hotels

Make safe and informed accommodation choices with our newly developed Hotel Search Filter, designed to support customers find COVID secure hotels during the ongoing pandemic.

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Before you travel

Customise email confirmations

Give employees the bespoke information they need on the booking confirmation itself – insurance details, key contacts or safety messages.

Travel alerts

Travel disruptions are monitored by our team 24/7/365 and communicated to travellers via in-app alerts and text messages.

React to changes

Things can change a lot between booking and travelling. Report by location and map where your travellers are heading in the next 30 days.

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Before you travel
While you travel

While you travel

Traveller tracking

Know where your travellers are at all times with real-time traveller tracking at the touch of a button.

24/7 support

Our Customer Support Team is available to assist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year by live chat, email or phone.

Crisis management

Our dedicated Crisis Management Team ensure that travel disruptions including risks and incidents are dealt with swiftly and safely.

On-trip alerts

Alerts are sent to travellers in affected regions via text and in app communications.

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