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Duty of care

It’s not all about budget – crisis management best practice, online traveller tracking and individual traveller alerts ensure we’re looking after your team too.

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Crisis management

We follow a structured crisis management process that is activated in the event of an incident that may affect our travellers. The crisis management process can be activated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is staffed by our own employees, meaning customers are always be up-to-date, in the know and confident that any incidents are dealt with promptly by a dedicated team.

Traveller tracking

Our innovative online traveller tracking service allows our customers to search through all of their bookings in one go, whenever they need to. You can search for travellers/bookings using a number of different criteria and get an up-to-date report of where your people are, and contact them instantly.

Travel alerts

Our travel alert solution sends timely messages directly to travellers affected by delays, disruption, political unrest, terrorist incidents or natural disasters. Our customers can rest assured that their people will be kept abreast of developments as they happen by the expert team at Click Travel.

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