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Smooth travel now calls for more flexibility, more control and 24/7 customer support

From trains and flights to hotels and car hire, our award-winning platform makes booking, managing and reporting of business travel super smooth.

Take ClickCare of all your travellers

Traveller safety is the number one priority for businesses - and it shouldn't come at a premium. With business travel likely to be trickier for the foreseeable future, we have introduced ClickCare to support the increased need for risk management and duty of care - free of charge to our customers.

Useful resources

COVID-19 Travel Guide

Our guide to managing business travel and traveller safety during the pandemic

Procurement Guide

A guide to procuring a travel management service - updated for a new normal in business travel

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£600k realised savings in year 1
99% policy compliance
99% online adoption
£108k annual save on rail bookings
24% fall in average hotel rate
80% reduction in booking fees
Here’s a company that didn’t go down the tried and tested route, they decided to have a look at what the market needs now and build it from the ground up.

The whole system is easier than any that we’ve used before because everything is done through Click. We know that with Click, everything is generated through the one platform, we just go onto the online booking tool and set up a report to easily see what we’re interested in.

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