Careers in Travel Management
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Work Experience

We’re committed to putting back into our local community. By giving students the opportunity to experience first-hand how a fast growing company operates we hope to inspire our younger generation to consider their career options at an earlier age.

Click Travel Work Experience Opportunities

Our work experience programme

Exposure to the world of work is key to career development, which is why our work experience programme gives local students the opportunity to experience first-hand how a fast-growing company operates. The programme provides opportunities to students looking to gain some hands-on experience, develop their knowledge of the travel management industry, and explore the careers available at Click Travel.

The programme is primarily aimed at those in the later years of secondary school, sixth form or college education who are keen to get an introduction to what a career in travel or business may be like, and runs throughout the entire year.

What to expect

Gain hands-on experience in one of our many departments, including: HR, Sales, Finance, Marketing, Reservations and Software Engineering. Here you’ll be supported by our experienced team of managers while shadowing colleagues who will be able to answer any questions you may have, show you through their day to day tasks and take you into their meetings, giving you a great insight into what it is like working for a fast-growing company.

First day introductions showcase what Click Travel is – what our values are, exactly what we do and how our history has shaped us into who we are today. Group projects will also be set, which allow you to get involved in team-working and making an impact on Click Travel’s internal operations.

Work experience in travel

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Skills workshops

Office tours

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Group tasks

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